BOSSS Teleradiology service provides a complete radiology diagnostic support to radiologist, hospitals and free standing facilities at economical way with faster turnaround time. BOSS exploits the latest of technological advancements and internet evolution bringing global connection to radio diagnosis at your doorstep. It stands out on simple ideology of communication augment by the latest and the most advanced image acquiring techniques. BOSS teleradiology manages its input resources from digital images acquired through CT scans, digital X-rays, MRI etc which are transferred through a secure web encrypted system. The radiologist at BOSS receives the image files and then gives a report to the findings observed based on the quality of images, type of image and radiologist expertise. BOSS teleradiology is indeed the latest in what medical services can offer to your institute at very economical rates. If you are a radiologist have large appointments per day or a free standing facilities with a very busy practice we offer service in form of preliminary reads and final reads. Or handling cases where you want a second opinion now and then, we are there to support you.

Our service process is very simple.

  • Establishing secure VPN site2site connection for transferring image data
  • Transferring of image data on case by case to our radiologist
  • BOSS radiologist view the images and finding observed
  • Reporting back the reads on case by case
  • Down the load the reports back into your computer
  • All process carried out under secured HIPAA compliance

Service Charges
We provide best Quality Radiology Reads at most Economical Prices.

Services Provided

  • Radiology Reporting of all kinds
  • 3D image reconstruction
  • Second expert opinion

Advantages and benefits by outsourcing teleradiology to BOSS

  • Total coverage for 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Add on service package with teleradiology
  • Cost-effective teleradiology services
  • Quality reporting
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Nighthawk facility for emergency reads
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Customized formats of reports
  • Time zone advantages
  • No wasting time on viewing images and interpreting
  • Accommodate more patient per day
  • Cost saving teleradiology program

BOSS teleradiology service provides a virtual radio diagnostic centre for your establishment. Push your radiology professional limits by taking advantage of our teleradiology service. Once you register with us and use our services you can benefit your patients and customize the diagnostic costs. Also you can avail the ADD-ON service we offer for teleradiolog service. For more details and FREE no obligation trial work