Why I need to outsource billing to BOSS?
which claims are submitted to insurance companies to ensure that a doctor is compensated for his services to a patient. A person implicated in medical billing should possess knowledge of medical terminology, claims processing procedures, HIPAA regulations, diagnostic terminology, insurance forms, insurance specifications, collections and related details. The medical billing process consists of insurance verifications, authorization, coding, billing, follow-up, re-submissions, patient billing and so on. The software used for medical billing includes EMR (Electronic Medical Records), EPM (Electronic Practice Management) Lytec, Medic, Medisoft, Misys Tiger and United among others.

What years of experience boss possess?
Boss has 30 plus years of combined experience in the field of medical billing and collections. We have certified CPC coders who have 4 years experience in multiple specialty coding. You can send us super bills with diagnostic notes with or without ICD and CPT codes. If super bill are already coded they are validated by our coding team compulsorily to prevent any ‘up-coding’ or ‘down-coding’ and also for inconsistency denials

When can I outsource or what stage I can outsource billing to BOSS?
We offer no obligation free trial period for a week to test capabilities and knowledge. During the trial period we can have knowledge sharing on the process and specification to be followed which bonds easier transition of work. Once trial periods ends with satisfactory results you can outsource the work immediately and ramp-up the volume. You can outsource the your billing work at any stage of your process. You can also outsource segmented billing work to us such as transcription and coding/ demo and charges/ payment posting and denial management/ AR follow-up and collections.

What security measures followed?
Data Security:
Every employee of BOSS signs a confidentiality agreement and training program before they work on any project. We conduct regular security audits and penetration tests to check if security is maintained at all levels. If Security breaches detected, we will be immediately notify our clients. BOSS experienced IT team sets up appropriate security methods and procedures to safe guard the confidentiality and integrity of client’s data. Our software and other configuration are based on project and customer requirements. We run a backup procedure on all data on a daily basis and destroy all PHI info once in 30days after final confirmation from our clients. We strictly do not entertain any printed or any kind of hard copies.

Data access and file managements:
At BOSS not all employees have access to files and folders by doing so we restrict data access. Billers will have access to view files only and account managers will have access to view and modify files. No employee has access to printer. We blocked to access any personal emails such hot mails/yahoo/Gmail etc and all websites are restricted except related to payers , claims and EDIs. No electronic devices such as cell phones, pen drives, CDs, DVD etc are permitted inside the office. BOSS have 24×7 security supported by access control system.

Business Continuity plans:
We fore see In case of business is disrupted because of natural calamities or software/hardware failure, we will ensure that your work is conducted from our other delivery centers. We have setup disaster recovery, data recovery and physical recovery policies to ensure business continuity. We continuously recruit staff and train on all accounts and keep staffing on buffer for immediate replacements.