As organizations around the world strive to improve the quality of their process while managing their bottom lines, Business Process Outsourcing has become the new imperative. We, at BOSS, partner with our clients to provide a full spectrum of BPO services covering all five levels:

  • Rules-set processing
  • Decision-making
  • Direct customer interface
  • Expert knowledge services
  • Increased shareholder value

What we bring to you?
Being part of one of India’s largest business group, we create long-term value for our clients by investing heavily in technology, quality, infrastructure and processes. We customize specific solutions to meet specific client’s needs of our clients and work towards win-win partnerships with our clients. Some of the significance benefits of working with us include:

Focus on core competence:
With our 100 man-years of collective experience in business process outsourcing spread across diverse industries, you can safely leave all your business process needs to us and focus on your core businesses and nurturing your core competence.

Assured quality:
Our quality philosophy focuses on continuous Improvement. Our approach focuses on constant measurements and continuous improvements while promoting a total quality culture

Bottom line benefits:
Time-tested, proven systems and processes ensure critical cost savings for clients. Training provides a global work force.

Risk mitigation:
We mitigate risks through the use of a robust delivery methodology and best-in-class people practices. We offer Business Process Management consulting for the following industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Print & Publishing, Logistics.

Few good reasons why companies work with BOSS:

  • Increased profitability
  • Streamlined cash flow
  • Reduce and control operating costs, between 40 and 60 percent
  • Reduce high staff turnover
  • Service-level guarantees
  • Quick turnaround through 24-hour processing
  • Integrated 24X7 services
  • HIPAA and Healthcare Compliance programs
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • No capital investments
  • Global quality standards

We deliver high quality, efficient and cost effective services that utilize our modern processing centre in Chennai, India. Our state-of-the-art facility takes full advantage of the highly skilled workforce and economic leverage in the region.

BOSS’s processing centre deploys a multi-site processing strategy, for clients with significant scale and size needs, to mitigate risk. Highlights of our comprehensive frame worked infrastructure include:
Independent Internet Leased Circuit from multiple ISPs is installed for data access and redundancy.

  • Built in IT redundancies for uninterrupted operation.
  • 200% power back up
  • Dedicated, fully equipped training infrastructure
  • 24×7 security supported by state-of art access system
  • Fire alarm system

We strictly comply and adhere to HIPAA security guidelines and update ourselves with any alteration or addition. Our training program integrally includes HIPAA education, awareness and news. Stringent privacy measures including signing of confidentiality agreement with severe penalties with every employee are taken to prevent any breach of trust or legal aspects.

Training plays a pivotal role in providing BOSS an edge over others. We compel training, as our services are very industry specific, our employees need to understand the client’s business thoroughly and refurbish with new inputs to provide efficient service. This trend has enabled us to generate and retain a pool of trained talent, equipped for future development both in our operations and in client’s business. Every employee in the hierarchy should compulsorily participate in a four-week training program with a curriculum including abroad spectrum of training modules, multimedia courseware and collaborative tools.

Turnaround time
Charge forms, demographic information and EOBs scanned to us today are processed overnight. Accessing your system remotely, the data is entered into your system by following morning. Faster claim filing combined with regular insurance follow up helps reduce receivables.