As a client, you should have clear understanding about the purpose and benefits of outsourcing. Making outsource a success there should be an established co-ordination and shared responsibilities between your-end and from our-end on the process involved in outsourcing. These are well defined responsibilities which are apart from the nature of work, volume of work and the quality of work involved in outsourcing. As your outsource partner of choice in back office medical billing service, BOSS responsibilities will vary depending upon the scope of service preferred.

BOSS will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing secured site 2 site FTP data server
  • Providing dedicated medical billing account manager and team
  • Medical coding and entering all medical billing data into medical billing system
  • Complete quality check to ensure 98.3 percent accuracy of industry standard
  • Process all electronic claims to the appropriate insurance carriers.
  • Printing all paper claims at your end to be mailed to the appropriate insurance carriers.
  • Post payments and denials into medical billing system upon receipt of EOBs.
  • Send daily reports to your account managers on volume received, completed and for clarification if any.
  • Handle all patient inquiries in a timely and courteous manner
  • Conduct consistent follow-up procedures to ensure maximum collections.
  • Destroying all PHI data from server once in three months after prior approval from client


  • Pre-determining the scope of service and volume of work involved
  • Pre-determining the turnaround time
  • A good and clear outsourcing contract
  • Providing permission and level of access to your medical billing system
  • Put the most capable managers in charge of the outsourcing evaluation and management of the outsourcing relationship
  • Centralized contact for instruction, training and knowledge sharing
  • Obtain all data related to medical billing (i.e. patient demographics, charge slips, super bills, soap notes, office notes, referral forms, EOBs etc..) weekly or more frequently if required.
  • Scan the all source documents required and batch it up by date
  • Electronically transfer to BOSS secure FTP
  • Providing medical billing and medical coding specification.
  • Transmitting all electronic claims
  • Mailing all paper claims and appeals to appropriate insurance carriers
  • Providing EDI rejection reports
  • Timely respond to all email clarifications and log sent
  • Taking appropriate action on the reports sent by BOSS on daily basis
  • Constant feedback on the process executed from our end

“We always spell sUccess with U”

We need to carry-out and carry-on the responsibilities laid which requires for a successful outsource operation.